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AREVA Resources Canada is a Canadian uranium exploration, mining and milling company. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of AREVA, a French government-owned company based in Paris. [1]

Uranium Projects

AREVA Resources Canada has interests in a number of uranium mining projects in the province of Saskatchewan

  • Cluff Lake: AREVA was the 100% owner and operator of this uranium mine. The mine was closed in 2002 and is being decommissioned;
  • McClean Lake is a major uranium mine that was opened in June 1999. AREVA is the operator and owns 70% of the project; Other shareholders are Denison (22.5%) and OURD (Canada) Co. Ltd. (7.5%)
  • Midwest is a uranium deposit that is proposed to be developed in conjunction with the McClean Lake project. AREVA owns 69.16% of the project with the other shareholders being Denison Mines (25.17%), and OURD Canada Co. Ltd. (5.67%)
  • Cigar Lake is a uranium mine currently being developed. Areva is a minority shareholder AREVA (37.1%), with Cameco Corporation being the operator and 50.025% owner. Minor shareholders are Idemitsu (7.875%) and TEPCO Resources (5%)
  • McArthur River is a uranium mine that contributes approximately 20% of total global uranium. Cameco is the operator and 69.805% owner. AREVA owns 30.195% of the project.
  • Key Lake: Cameco is the operator and 83.333% owner while Areva is a 16.667% shareholder.


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