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APCO and its later manifestations, APCO Associates/Worldwide were for many years the private public relations firm of Philip Morris. The company was set up in the public relations business by law firm Arnold & Porter, specifically to give the tobacco company a way of dealing surreptitiously with the media and the public, to spread propaganda on behalf of the company and the tobacco industry. It was a key part of Philip Morris's strategy to take control of the corruption of science, political bribery, and media manipulation of the tobacco industry.

By the 1990s they were also working with the science corrupters at British American Tobacco, and in 1993 it created and ran programs for Philip Morris to attack health and environmental science with findings not benefiting their bottom line as "junk-science". APCO created The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition (TASSC) and hired its junk-science operator Steven J Milloy.

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1994 May 31 APCO's Margery Kraus and Tom Hockaday write to science corrupter Matt Winokur at Philip Morris. They inform him that Dr George Carlo, who had just conducted a survey on epidemiology (his study proving that anti-smoking scientists are biased, and therefore their research couldn't be trusted) was a member of the TASSC Science Advisory Group, and that he was willing to play an active role in a European Sound Science Program. They have a list of potential "members" of European scientists. They were working on a proposal for a European scientist meeting. This was the "Euro-TASSC project, which became the European Science and Environment Forum. [2]

1998 Nov 20 APCO Associates is presenting a proposal for a youth-smoking program for schools to the Tobacco Industry's Task Force on Youth Smoking Prevention.

They plan to utilise the existing "Life Skills Training" program.[3]