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AMB Foundation

"The mission of the AMB Foundation, a non-profit organization, is to continue the ideals of Amy Marie Bosman by contributing to the organizations and people who support and fight for social and educational reform and equality in order to create a world that allows all people to flourish and reach their highest potentials." [1]

"The AMB Foundation, established in 2003, raises money to better the lives of underprivileged youths through furthering education and political reform initiatives. The secondary goal of the foundation is to reward youths who show great leadership and academic achievement in combination with a proven track record of giving back to society, through volunteer work and activism, with scholastic scholarships. Since its inception, the AMB Foundation has contributed over $60,000 toward Teach for America (national and local), NISGUNetwork In Solidarity with the People of Guatemala) and Collegiate Scholarships issued to students at Tremper High-School in Kenosha, Wisconsin, among others." [2]


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