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{{#badges:CoalSwarm|Navbar-Turkeycoal}}Çerkezköy power station is a proposed 990-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Tekirdağ province, Turkey.


The plant was planned to be between Pınarca and Kapaklı districts of Çerkezköy town, a very close town to Istanbul city.[1]

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Background on Plant

Lignite reserves were previously explored in Trakya Çerkezköy basin[1] and the use of lignite coal is a priority according to Turkey's energy strategy.[2] In 2016, Cerkezkoy plant was announced by Elektrik Üretim (EÜAŞ), the state-controlled power agency, between Cerkezkoy town of Tekirdag and Silivri town of Istanbul, upper-scale spatial plans of Istanbul were changed accordingly.[3]

After public oppositions and the legal cases of environmental groups, Cerkozkoy mayorship and the Union of Chambers of Engineers and Architects[4] the plans over Istanbul had been cancelled. However, later the plant was proposed to be built on the agriculture and forest lands between Pınarca and Kapaklı districts of Çerkezköy town, which is the neighbouring town to Silivri.[3] In November 2017, the license application for the power station was listed as 3 units x 330 MW.[5] In 2017 the government declared these lands as "energy generation area" and revised the spatial plans accordingly,[3] further an emergency expropriation was issued to expedite the process.[6] In response, Greenpeace and local lawyers opened lawsuits opposing the expropriation and in December 2017, the state council decides against the public expropriation.[7]

In December 2018, AKP Tekirdağ parliamentarians announced on their social media that the plant had been cancelled due to "technical" reasons.[8] On 4 February 2019, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation cancelled the EIA permission of the plant.[9] However as the May 2019, the revised spatial plans that decelerated the region as "energy generation area" had not been changed.[10] According to CAN Europe, the plant remains in pre-permit development.[11]

Environmental Impact

The plant was proposed to be built on protected agricultural areas and forest and would result in 500 hectares of deforestation.[9] For environmental and health concerns, Çerkezköy plant had been protested several times by the local communities.[12] Greenpeace's report in 2018 estimated that Çerkezköy coal power plant would cause 141 premature deaths annually, solely by the exposure to PM2.5 and NO2 air pollutants.[13]


The Chamber of Electrical Engineers states that, due to a 15 year government purchase guarantee, the total cost of electricity from the plant could amount to 5.4 million US dollars (20.3 million lira) and that that would be a bad deal compared to renewable energy.[14]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Electricity Generation Corporation (EÜAŞ)
  • Parent company: TBD
  • Location: Çerkezköy town, Çerkezköy district, Tekirdağ Province, Turkey
  • Coordinates: 41.283333, 28 (approximate)
  • Status: Pre-permit development
  • Gross capacity: 990 MW (3 unitsx 330 MW)
  • Type:
  • Projected in service:
  • Coal type: Lignite
  • Coal source:
  • Source of financing:

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