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"Able" Mable Thomas to A. Heather Coyne
A. Hellman to Abbas Salih
Abbe Lowell to Adrian Jackson
Adrian Jeffreys to Akiko Domoto
Akiko Yamazaki to Alec private board
Alec private enterprise board to Allen C.K. Leung
Allen Clark to American Civil Rights Union
American Clean Energy and Security Act to Amyas Ames
Amygdalin to Andy Mosher
Andy Rappaport to Anthony Brooke (S.G. Warburg)
Anthony Browne to Arizona and fracking
Arizona election threats to Association for Progressive Communications
Association for Research and Enlightenment to Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream
Awaroa mine to Bandırma Karat power station
Bandırma Nurol power station to Barry Eichengreen
Barry Estabrook to Benjamin M. Friedman
Benjamin Mancroft to Bildner Center
Bildner Center for Western Hemisphere Studies to Blackrock World Mining Trust
Blackrock World Mining Trust plc to Booz-Allen & Hamilton
Booz Allen & Hamilton to Brian Wallace
Brian Walt to Bryan Whitman
Bryant DeBaun to C. E. Snyder
C. E. Summers to Cabot Corporation
Cabot Oil and Gas to Cardiac Risk In The Young Group
Cardiff Borehole coal project to Carter Clews
Carter Eskew to Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace
Center for National Policy to Charles A. Meconis
Charles A. Mehos to Chelsea Green
Chelsea Green Publishing to Chris Maina Peter
Chris Majer to Cigarette Blimp
Cigarette Filters and Polonium-210 to Clifford "Cliff" Wilmot
Clifford A. Rice to Codensa
Codes of ethics to Compliance Committee of the Kyoto Protocol
Compliance coal to Copenhagen climate conference
Copenhagen climate talks to Cris Revaz
Cris Toffolo to DINP
DIRECTV to Daniel J. Edelman Inc.
Daniel J. Edelman Public Relations to David Allvey
David Alton to David Kaiser
David Kalete to David W. Bushong
David W. Cohen to Delvis Fernandez Levy
Delwin Eggers to Diana Newberry
Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund to Dominic D'Alessandro
Dominic Dalli to Doug Bevington
Doug Bibus to Dwight David Eisenhower
Dwight Emory Harken to East African Wild Life Society
East African Wildlife Society to Edward J. Noha
Edward J. O'Dwyer to Elise Haas
Elise Higgins to Enecogen power station
Enei Begaye to ErikaMannBioOnNetCaucusOrg
Erika Guerra to Exceptional Quality compost
Exclusive to Family and Parenting Institute
Family planning to Firuz Kazemzadeh
Fiscal Action Team to Fourth Generation Warfare
Fourth World Review to Fred Charles Ikle
Fred Charles Iklé to Fukang Yongxiang power station
Fukushima Disaster: The Myth of Nuclear Safety to Gail J. McGovern
Gail Leftwich Kitch to General Board of Church and Society
General Catalyst Partners to George R. Telford
George R. Vickers to Gina Sharpe
Gina Sharpe (Meditation) to Godwin Odo
Goede to GreenRoad
GreenTree Communications to Gujarat and coal
Gulam Jilani to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
HRH The Duke of Gloucester to Harriet Rowan
Harriet Smith-Windsor to Heinz-Volker Brinkmann
Heinz Albert Henry Kissinger to Herman Kraybill
Herman Schwartz to Hou-Actinite
Houchang Chehabi to Huaneng Ningxia Power Generation Weizhou Waste Coal Power Plant
Huaneng Ningxia Weizhou power station to ICI Plc
ICI plc to Illinois Coal Association
Illinois Department of Agriculture Fertilizer Research and Educatio... to Institute for Energy Research
Institute for Environmental Research to International Development Research Center
International Development Research Centre to Iraq Reconstruction Task Force
Iraq Research and Documentation Project to J. E. Day
J. E. Farley to Jack Stack
Jack Stahl to James Fifield
James Fine to James Washington
James Watkins to Jay Nixon
Jay Ogilvy to Jennifer Loewenstein
Jennifer Louise Williams to Jim Eisen
Jim Ellington to Joe Murray
Joe Negron to John D. Stanton
John D. Steinbruner to John Kirkland
John Kirwan to John Schwartz
John Schwarz to Jonathan Gustin
Jonathan H. Adler to Joshua T. White
Joshua Tree National Park to Juma Mwapachu
Juma V. Mwapachu to Kariajhar power station
Karie Brown to Keith Umemoto
Keith Vaughn to Kevin Curley
Kevin D. Wells to Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Center
Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center to Labor Ready
Labor Watch to Laurel Creek 5 Mine
Laurel Creek 70 Mine to Lenexis Energy
Lenka Setkova to Lincoln Chafee
Lincoln Chen to London Business School
London Centre for the Study of Anti-Americanism to Louis Contreras
Louis D. Boccardi to M.S. Swaminathan Foundation
M.S. Swarainathan to Maharishi International University
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to Marco Rubio
Marco Ruggiero to Mark Dayton
Mark DeMoss to Martin Cohen
Martin Collier to Mathew Gross
Mathew S. Cole to MeatballWiki
Meathouse Energy Mine to Meteoric Tactical Solutions
Methane to Michael K. Irish
Michael K. Lewis to Michelle Malkin
Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan to Millmerran Power Station
Millmerran power station to Monica Vachher
Monica Willard to Munira Thobani
Munk Centre for International Studies to Naila Kabeer
Naitor power station to National Coordination Body for Democratic Change
National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change to Ned Jannotta
Ned Lamont to New York Restoration Project
New York Review of Books to Nimbri Chandawatan power station
Nimir Petroleum to Northern fowl mite
Northern power station to Old Mutual
Old Mutual PLC to Organic Valley
Organic Valley Cooperative to PRBO Conservation Science
PREAL to Pat Christen
Pat Clemen to Paul D. Spudis
Paul D. Tillett, Jr. to Peace Corps
Peace Development Fund to Peter Carington
Peter Carroll to Petrina Holdsworth
Petro-Canada to Pierre Jungels
Pierre Kakule to Post Fossil Fuel Michigan
Post Kirby Noonan & Sweat to Program on International Policy Attitudes
Program on Justice and Peace to Quantum Fund
Quantum Partners to Rachael Heiner
Rachael Kessler to Raul Yzaguirre
Raushan Nauryzbayeva to Remote Viewing Instructional Services
Remote viewing to Richard Baker-Roshi
Richard Baker Roshi to Richard Rockefeller
Richard Rockwell to Robert A. Charman
Robert A. Cook to Robert Joss
Robert K. Goldman to Robin Niblett
Robin Page to Ron Mann
Ron Martin to Roytan
Roytown Deep Mine to SEED Foundation
SEED Initiative to Sami Moubayed
Sami Tulonen to Save-mart
Save-the-Redwoods League to Seid Foundation
Seisint, Inc. to Sharon L. Brock
Sharon L. Camp to Sihanoukville CEL power station
Sihanoukville CID power station to Sir Tom Shebbeare
Sir Trevor Chinn to Soon Juan Chee
Sooner Generating Station to Stan Waterman
Stan Zeitlin to Stephen R. Kappes
Stephen R. Kellert to Steven Wolfe
Steven Zipperstein to Sun Changquing
Sun Life of Canada to SweTree Technologies
Swede Nelson to Tamela Hultman
Tamela J. Hultman to Teresa Odendahl
Teresa Sheppard to The Duchossois Group
The Duchossois Group, Inc. to Thein Lwin
Theiss to Thomas Plaskett
Thomas Playford B power station to Tiyana Maksimovich-Binno
Tiziana Stella to Tony Barclay
Tony Barnes to Trident Capital
Trifold School to U.S. Promotion of Ag Biotech in Greece
U.S. Promotion of Ag Biotech in Guinea to Ulysses S. Seal
Uma Lele to Urban Habitat
Urban Institute to Victor Johnson
Victor Korgun to Vytautas Landsbergis
Vytorin to Walter J. Lusigi
Walter J. Schloss to Weizunuanbidiexingzhihuifa
Welch Foundation to Wilfred Denback
Wilfred E. Dewey to William Leiss
William Lenox to Wolfgang D. Dahne
Wolfgang Jocklic to Xishui Erlang power station
Xiulan Zhang to Zhunger Zhujiaping power station
Zhuzhou-2 power station to W. James McNerney, Jr.