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William D. McInturff

William D. "Bill" McInturff is a partner and co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican national political and public affairs polling firm. [1] McInturff conducts national survey research on behalf of the Republican Governors Association. He was the lead pollster for John McCain in 2008 and, with Peter Hart of Peter D. Hart Research Associates also conducts the NBC News/The Wall Street Journal Poll. He describes his work as “combat message development,” not simply monitoring public opinion. McInturff has helped advance Republican policies including efforts to privatize Medicare and Social Security, divert taxpayer funds for public schools to a voucher system, efforts to restrict American citizens' access to the courts for redress against harms caused by corporations ("tort reform"), defeating health insurance reform, and a host of other policy issues.[2]


McInturff's clients include the American Hospital Association, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, America's Health Insurance Plans (the health insurance industry's lobbying group), the Kaiser Family Foundation and Pfizer. McInturff conducted the message and advertising testing for the "Harry and Louise" television commercials that were credited with helping defeat health care reform during the Clinton administration. [3]

McInturff also conducts polling for Revere America, a political action committee and front group that is trying to get health care reform repealed. [4]Revere America's and primary funder is Parker Collier, the wealthy wife of a Naples, Florida land baron. Parker Collier donates millions to Republican candidates and issues.[5][6][7]

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