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The VelvetRevolution (VR) describes itself as "a network of more than 120 progressive organizations reaching millions of people demanding progressive change through our VR Media, Electoral Reform, Conflict Resolution and Youth Revolution Campaigns." [1]

New Campaign

According to the VR website, August 15, 2005:

"VR today launched a long-term advertisement and awareness campaign to galvanize American citizens into taking their country back from those who believe that they are untouchable and unaccountable. This campaign will graphically show that those in power have lost touch with real people through a pattern of lies, corruption, fear mongering, incompetence, indifference and arrogance.
"The first ad will appear today as a full two-page spread in the Crawford, Texas Iconoclast newspaper and will be delivered to the President's ranch during his long five-week vacation. Cindy Sheehan and hundreds of others opposed to Iraq war are protesting nearby and they will all be given free copies of the paper. VR supports Cindy and her cause, and she was interviewed on June 18th by VR founder Brad Friedman on the BradShow. Cindy's son Casey was killed five days after arriving in Iraq in what the President calls a 'noble cause.' Now, however, in light of the Downing Street Memos, the world knows that the war was based on lies and deception."


Some members of VR are:

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