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Greetings User talk:TruthAbove. Thank you for the input and please feel very, very free to add to the Vets for Freedom data.

As one SW contributor recently wrote to me, regarding the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes and the VFF groups,

"I think we're looking at their main weapon for preventing withdrawal from Iraq from gaining footage politically: get vets themselves out in front and make it an issue of patriotism, heroism, honor and support for the troops. Anyone who doesn't support the Bush version of the Global War on Terror is treasonous. ..."

I would add to that the observation that the vets that are "out in front" are not representative of the whole and would appear to have been handpicked and/or, and I reluctantly say this, in order to use their valor and heroism for propaganda purposes. However, who can attack them or these organizations without his/herself being swiftboated?

Just let the truth speak for itself. No editorializing required. Artificial Intelligence 09:46, 12 Jun 2006 (EDT)