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Hi, I couldn't see the point of your change so reverted it. The original simply stated that Lappen was "Listed as author and associate" of Ariel Center for Policy Research according to the link at [1]. The current link supports that. I can't understand the point of changing this to the negative that she was "Not listed as a contributing affiliate" and citing - which is the list of "Contributing Experts". The original statement was not that she was a "contributing expert" but a "author and associate". --Bob Burton 00:17, 6 March 2007 (EST)

Reason for edit

Well, it seems she's really not affiliated with the Ariel Center for Policy Research. She's not listed among its consulting "experts;" [2] I searched the Ariel website for "Alyssa A. Lappen", in the search field on the same page of experts [3] and there's not a single mention of Lappen; and the "Authors and Associates" label looks like it refers to a list of authors for Ariel's journal [4] -- not to Lappen specifically.

Also, a fair number of authors listed among the "Authors and Associates" look unaffiliated. Retired colonel Norwell De Atkine [5] [6]; editor Tony Blankley, [7] [8] Prof. Francisco Gil-White, [9] [10] writer William E. Grim, [11] [12], freelancer P. David Hornick [13] [14] and so on. But others like Ze'v Wolfson [15] [16] look like they're connected to Ariel.

It looks like SourceWatch should not allow the use of list headlines as confirmation of flimsy assumptions.

Also, by the way, a search of the web reveals very quickly that Lappen has never reviewed any books by Anis Shorrosh or Walid Phares.