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July 10


Thank you for your recent additions to the Johnson & Johnson article. However, I have reinstated some material as well as done extensive reformatting on this page. Since there were two recent editors, I am writing to both, as it is difficult to ascertain who made which edits. Please ignore if this does not apply! Once again, there were extensive sections removed w/o explanation. Generally, referenced material on SW is not removed and unreferenced information is merely cited to include a ref. However, in the case of removal, a courtesy note is appreciated! Data removed for no apparent reason included financial information and some other portions of sections. That said, I have reinstated some material, while also updating to include your revisions.

Please note that all material in SW documents must have references which contain the information on the page referenced. In this article, I moved, reformatted and cited some portions of additions to include a reference For example, I did not find any refs to the lists of drugs in the hoovers cite. This site generally provides only brief descriptions of products and top sellers. Please also note that SW formatting on companies lists personnel and financial information at the bottom of the page. I also moved one external link to the resources section at the bottom of the page. The usual format for internal/external links is:

Articles & sources

SourceWatch articles
External articles
External resources

Thank you again for your contributions to SW!

Lisa L.

edit note 2

Well, it appears that there have been some format changes since I have been away so I have reinstated the old material under those. Most of the above still applies though as far as I know.

April 4, 2011, 3:04 p.m. MDT
Hi Jennifer,
Just a note about the correct format to use for referencing newspapers:

<ref>[ Walker's budget cuts would touch most Wisconsinites],"Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. March 1, 2011."</ref>

<ref>Jason Stein, Patrick Marley and Lee Bergquist [ Walker's budget cuts would touch most Wisconsinites], Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel, April 4, 2011</ref>

  • The format for referencing newspapers is <ref>Author's name [URL (space) Title of article], Name of publication, date of publication</ref>

Can you please go in and correct your references in the Scott Walker article? I did a few.


Anne Landman, CMD Editor