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Hi Family Farmer,

I reverted to previous edits on both the Humane Society of the United States and David Martosko.

I believe it is clear in the HSUS article that the reference is to factory/industrial farms (not family farms):

"Farm animals are routinely mistreated on industrialized factory farms."

I believe they also consider themselves an animal protection and welfare org as well.

The front group reference on the David Martosko article is also accurate.

Thank your for your interest in SW.

Lisa L. 4/2/10

Edit note 2

There are four refs in the disputed para, which also pertain to the video. There is also an internal link. Please visit animals raised & hunted for food, for more information on farm animal abuse and farm animals in general. In the interest of space, references and internal links are provided for further reading.

Lisa L.

March 2010

Edit note 3

Dear Family Farmer,

Please do not vandalize/remove ref material from articles.

Thank you for your interest in SW.

Lisa L.

Edit note 4

Family Farmer,

Farm animal abuse is not an "opinion". Furthermore, this section refers specifically to industrial farms and slaughter houses, as very clearly stated in the article. I would refer you again to the previous internal links as well as meat & dairy industry.

Naturally, organizations which represent industrial farms maintain that these animals are not being abused. However, as demonstrated through numerous investigations, video and over 30 years of documentation by both animal advocates and others, there is certainly "ample evidence". Furthermore, the fact that you require "documentation" for the obvious (farm animals have individual personalities, curious natures, preferences and the suffer from pain, boredom and frustration) is really quite remarkable. However, this article is about HSUS. It is not attempting to prove that factory farming exists, is abusive or that animals feel pain. These are already irrefutable facts to every except perhaps you and your friend David Martosko (whom you insist does not speak for a front group).

Are you associated with Center for Consumer Freedom or Mr. Martosko? He and his groups have relentlessly harassed animal advocates on behalf of the meat industry for years. I find it very odd that your very first edit is to take the "front group" link off of his sight and then attempt to vandalize this and related articles.

I am using my real name. I think you are most likely the one with something to hide. You are most certainly not a "family farmer". Industrial farms have destroyed family farms and communities. You obviously don't even know the difference between the two.

April 2010

Lisa L.