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Response to Turkey ideas

Sorry for the delay in responding. Please feel free to add more categories at the bottom of pages. (I would ask you not to delete categories -- we still do want the old ones but it never hurts to add more, since this gives us more views into the data.) The best thing is always to add a category rather than deleting one.

Here's the link to the Navbar page:

I hope you are able to edit it. (There might be some issue with permissions; if so, tell me what changes you'd like to make and I'll be happy to make them.)

Also, do you know about the Global Coal Plant Tracker? If you click "Launch the Tracker," selected "Non-EU Europe" and the "Turkey," then select the table view, you can use the Search bar to filter just for "announced" or some other category. You might add this as a link on Turkey SourceWatch pages.

Ted Nace 18:08, 21 November 2017 (UTC)

Comment from Christine

Hi-my name is Christine and I help manage the Global Coal Plant Tracker. Thank you for your edits. Like Ted said, feel free to add but please don't remove categories.

Also, if you make changes to MW or ownership, or think the status is incorrect, please email me at so we can make sure our databases are also correct. It would be helpful if could cite a source for a proposed change (e.g. the 1320 MW size for Emba Hunutlu). Thanks