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Thanks for the tip -- I'll go have a look and maybe add it into our page on research using the web. And thanks for updating those links. cheers --Bob Burton 18:52, 25 Aug 2005 (EDT)

Actually I haven't updated most of them. My net time is very limited unfortuntely (and fortunately). :-/

Hi - I'm a bit puzzled about duplicating the references from the Monsanto page in another page Links to Articles Cited in Monsanto Pages and in a slightly different format to how we normally do them. Or are you thinking of shifting all the refs off the main page? At the moment the page is not overbyte so there is the space to leave them where they are. If we were to shift them off the main page we'd need to retitle the page a little too. Look forward to hearing your thinking. --Bob Burton 16:29, 28 Oct 2005 (EDT)

Well I was trying to remove the redundant stuff (those links which are already in the articles themself) but keep them for article verification. I wasn't removing all links at the bottom. This would make the page less confusing I think - right now it's a bit of an assault, all those links. But if you want to keep them on the pages that's fine.

By the way, some extra pages were created Links to Articles Cited (changed to Links to Articles cited in Monsanto Pages), Monsanto and the Pollution of Anniston Alabama (added comma after Anniston to correspond to article title, and Goliath and David: Monsanto's Legal Battles Against Farmers (made the A in Against lower case to correspond to article title). Can these be deleted?

Also Im having some trouble submitting.

Not finished yet but got to go for now.

Must go too -- will have a think about the best way to organise it all but I agree the articles and refs need tidying. cheers--Bob Burton 16:53, 28 Oct 2005 (EDT)

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