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About me...

Started out in small PR shop in NYC doing mostly local and regional publicity for health care and alternative health, consumer product launches, book tours. Placements on TV/Tadio/Print

Moved to "large eastern syndicate," spent a couple of happy years doing publicity, special events, book tour. Placements on TV/Radio/Print.

Moved into production full time. Some freelance PR/Advertising, but concentration on production/technical -- network, corporate, industrial.

Also worked at Madison Avenue advertising agency in production.

Increasingly disillusioned and concerned by state of the media -- propaganda, VNRs, excessive spin doctoring, loss of integrity in journalism, rapture readyism.


  • Jazz aficionado.
  • Takes coffee light with cream, no sugar.


  • 1) Continue developing wikipedia article on VNRs -- rewrote lead, working on additional details.
  • 2) Touching up wikipedia article on Muckraker(s). The great muckrakers!
  • 3) G.C. Rapaille on sourcewatch

Handy Horrors: