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All about Avelino Maestas: Real name:Avelino Avelino Maestas's contributions
I live in: Virginia

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I'm online here, too: Facebook | Myspace | Twitter | My Web site: | My blog: Live from Silver City

Avelino Maestas is a citizen-journalist participating in Congresspedia.

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I'm the assistant managing editor of Congresspedia. I'm here to help out citizen editors and sysops with any needs they might have, do outreach with local bloggers and others interested in Congress and Congresspedia, and help edit the wiki, including correcting errors and checking facts. I'm a Sunlight Foundation employee, and I work closely with SourceWatch.

I'm a former small-town journalist living it up in the nation's capital. I covered local news in Silver City, New Mexico, for more than four years. Most recently, I spent two years as a staff writer for the Silver City Daily Press, one of the last independent newspaper operations in New Mexico. In mid-2007, I left the Land of Enchantment and moved to Arlington, Virginia, for a change of pace. I now live and work in Washington, DC.

I also run Live from Silver City, a local blog originally focused on news and politics in southwest New Mexico. Since I left the Land of Enchantment, the blog has shifted to a more general focus, with some additional emphasis on national issues. In addition, the site features my photography.

As a native Westerner, I'm deeply interested in water policy, energy development, wilderness protection, immigration, and wildfire.


I can be reached in several ways:

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