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United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is a diversified holding company employing over 205,000 people, operating in more than 180 countries and is the 51st largest U.S. corporation. In 2003 UTC revenues went beyond $31 billion. UTC is a global technology corporation with a history in aerospace, aviation, helicopter design, climate control, elevator design and hydrogen fuel cells. All of UTC's businesses have access to each other's ideas and technologies, which promotes technological creativity throughout the corporation. UTC sees the environment as a priority and is steadily reducing its impact on the environment with cleaner industrial processes, while continuously improving energy efficiency both in products and production. It's holdings include:

  • Carrier, HVAC/Air Conditioning company.
  • Chubb, a security and fire protection company.
  • Hamilton Sundstrand, an aerospace supplier.
  • Otis, maker of elevator systems.
  • Pratt and Whitney, a leading engine and aerospace design firm.
  • Sikorsky, a helicopter manufacturer (including the famous Blackhawk).
  • UTC Research, an R&D branch that explores basic research and its application to UTC companies.
  • UTC Power, a fuel cell company.

In late 2004, United Technologies acquired Kidda plc. [1]

Of its 31 billion revenue (2003), 5.6 billion came from the federal government.

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Political contributions

United Technologies gave $580,500 to federal candidates in the 2006 election through its political action committee - 32% to Democrats, 66% to Republicans, and 2% ($14,000) to independent Joseph Lieberman (I-CT). [1]


The company spent $2,212,950 for lobbying in the first half of 2007 with most of the lobbying being done using in-house lobbyists. One of the outside lobbying firms used was BKSH & Associates. [2]


Accessed May 2010: [3]

Personnel (2006)

Key executives and 2006 pay: [4]          Options
George David, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer    $8,630,000    $28,300,000
Louis R. Chenevert, Chief Operating Officer    $2,860,000    $3,070,000
James E. Geisler, Vice President of Finance    $848,000    $458,000
Ari Bousbib, President of Otis    $2,070,000    $6,250,000
Geraud Darnis, President of Carrier Corporation    $1,170,000    $3,190,000

Selected members of the Board of Directors: [5]

Contact details

1 Financial Plaza
Hartford, CT 06101
United States
Phone: 860-728-7000
Fax: 860-728-7028
Web: http://www.utc.com


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