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Thomas M. Kostigen "is coauthor of The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving The Planet One Simple Step at a Time. He writes the "Ethics Monitor" column for Dow Jones MarketWatch. A longtime journalist and former Bloomberg News editor, Kostigen has been writing about global warming, the environment, social issues, and government policies for almost two decades and his work has appeared in numerous publications around the world.

"He is a recognized expert and speaker on social responsibility, including issues such as water, electronic waste, energy consumption and carbon emissions. He is active in social causes domestically and abroad; he is an adviser to The Borgen Project, a nonprofit organization involved in poverty awareness, and a member of the Rainforest Action Network. He has reported from five continents, and from refugee camps in Africa and the Middle East, so his ability to connect the dots from simple, individual actions to global environmental causes is unique and widely admired. His commentaries on environmental issues regularly appear in the popular press. Tom has appeared on LIME's Good Company program, CNBC, Westwood One radio, CBS radio and other outlets to discuss social and environmental causes. He is an advocate of corporate social responsibility and regularly works with CERES (Fortune 500 environmental organization), Coop America, The Social Investment Forum, and other organizations that aim to shift social and environmental awareness through changes in habits and policies." [1]

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