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The Century Foundation, founded in 1919 as the Twentieth Century Fund, "has sponsored and supervised research on economic, social, and political issues. As a nonpartisan, but not neutral, organization, our underlying philosophy regards government as an instrument, not an enemy, of the people, and therefore we strive, in the words of our bylaws, for the improvement of economic, industrial, civic, cultural, and educational conditions."[1]


"The Century Foundation also believes in the power of well-reasoned, well- researched ideas. These pamphlets are presented in that spirit. They are the Foundation's contribution to increased citizen understanding and wiser governmental decisions (publications on):

  • Immigration Reform
  • Tax Reform
  • Social Security Reform
  • Welfare Reform
  • Medicare Reform
  • Medicaid Reform
  • Balancing the Budget
  • NAFTA and Fast-Track Authority

Sponsored Edward S. Herman's study, Corporate Control, Corporate Power.

Project Websites (2007)

The Century Foundation currently operates nine Internet sites:

People (2007)


Accessed February 2008: [1]

Contact Details

The Century Foundation
41 East 70th Street
New York, NY 10021
212-535-7534 (FAX)
info@tcf.org (general email)

Washington, DC Office
1755 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Suite 550
Washington, DC 20035
202-483-9430 (Fax)
info@tcf.org (general email)

URL: http://www.tcf.org/

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