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1997 1997 Philip Morris Staff (Corporate Affairs) controlling Think-Tank Donations
1997:Philip Morris International 's Corporate Affairs division was headed by Senior VP Stephen C Parrish, under corporate lawyer Murray H Bring

USA domestic:
Note: C&B = Covington & Burling, the tobacco industry's East Coast law firm.

1997 AEI Payments from Philip Morris to Policy Institutes and Think-tanks in 1997.
Organisation1997 FundingNotesPM Staff
Libertad $100,000 This was a totally fake Philip Morris 'member-less' institute personally controlled by Senior VP Andrew Whist. It had a PM budget of $150,000 in 1995 (supposedly paid by Tom Borelli's Science & Technology division). It's only function appears to be to run conferences, launder bribes to politicians, etc. The name was a play on the Latin-American catch-cry of "Liberty" and also a variation on "Liberty to Advertise" in English.. Andrew Whist
Freedom of Expression Foundation $20,000 This was run by Dr Craig R Smith as a front for Senator Robert Packwood. This privately-funded foundation eventually endowed the Californian State Uni, Long Beach with a chair, and Smith became the Professor. Packwood and Smith both provided witness services for the tobacco industry. Tom Borelli
American Enterprise Institute (AEI) $100,000 The AEI was run originally by William Baroody Jr, then by Christopher C DeMuth. They took over Cato's magazine "Regulation." PM's grant money came from its Worldwide Regulatory Affairs budget: and the AEI had received annual grants from PM since 1977 (or before). RJ Reynolds had given them $100,000 in 1983 (probably an annual grant). In 1995 PM didn't give AEI any money directly -- probably handled via RJR, B&W or C&B. The AEI sloughed off the Heritage Foundation, (founded by two AEI members, Paul Weyrich and Edwin Feulner). The AEI became the home of the neo-con hawks from the Republican Party (guru Irving Kristol, Pres. Gerald Ford, Richard Cheney and was actively involved in the Iran 'Weapons of Mass Destruction" fiasco. In 1998 AEI and Brookings created the "AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies to evaluate the impact of regulation". Tom Borelli
Cato Institute $175,000 In 1995 PM had given $150,000 Tom Borelli
Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) $125,000 Philip Morris gave the CEI $200,000 in 1995 Tom Borelli
Educational TV of South Carolina $300,000 In 1995 PM gave them $300,000 also (probably a genuine grant to a tobacco-growing state) Tom Borelli
Free Congress Foundation $300,000 Tom Borelli
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (ACLU) $75,000 (Worldwide Regulatory Affairs project/Issues Management) Tracy Mihas
Defenders of Property Rights (Wise-Use group) $45,000 Tom Borelli
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research $5,000 (Annual charge against 'Issues Management') Daniel Turner
Manhattan Institute (Atlas Network) $20,000 Roy Marden
Hudson Institute $25,000 Roy Marden
The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition (TASSC) $200,000 (run by Steven J Milloy for Philip Morris) Tom Borelli
Reason Foundation $20,000 PM gave them $25,000 in 1995 split between Corporate and USA divisions Roy Marden
Municipal Treasurers Association of US and Canada $2,500 Slavitt/Dunham
Heartland Institute $50,000 Roy Marden
New York City Partnership and Chamber of Commerce $125,000 (paid from 'External Affairs' budget, probably for Gov. Pataki bribe) Roy Marden
Small Business Survival Committee
Small Business Survival Foundation
Run by Karen Kerrigan who previously ran Get the Government Off Our Backs for RJ Reynolds. It is a group of 40,000 small businesses (tobacconists, etc) who were given between $60-80K annually from Issues Management budget to lobby Congress. They attacked the Superfund Cleanup program, excised taxes, etc. Tom Borelli
Ohio Public Expenditure Council $5,000 Derek Crawford
Tax Research Analysis Center (TRAC) $85,000 Working with CART (Coalition Against Regressive Tax) in 1987. TRAC received $15,000 directly from the Tobacco Institute (Nov 1992). [1] Derek Crawford
Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) $100,000 Run by C Boyden Gray (RJ Reynolds heir and presidential aide.) Paid via Washington Regulatory Office budget. In 1995 PM gave 1/3 of tobacco industry donation of $985,000 which was paid via lawyers C&B Juanita Duggan
Tax Education Foundation $5,000 Fisher
Georgia Public Policy Foundation $1,500 Listed twice (second for $10,000) Hunt/Bring
Barry Goldwater Institute $5,000 PM gave only $5,000 in 1995 Pam Innmann
Frontiers of Freedom Institute $5,000 (see also $100,000 below) Pam Innman
Acton Institute $10,000 "For the study of Religion and Liberty" - received $10,000 from PM in 1995 Roy Marden
Alexis de Toqueville Institution $50,000 They had received $75,000 in 1995 + another $75,00 via the Center for Democracy. Roy Marden
George Mason Law & Economics Center $10,000 (Cash-for-comments center + Atlas Network.) Received $85,000 in 1995 (Prof Walter Williams projects) Roy Marden
Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation (IRET) $50,000 In 1995 they'd received $80,000 Roy Marden
Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) (London) $10,000 (linked to Atlas Network) Roy Marden
Mackinac Center $10,000 Roy Marden
Uni of Kansas Law & Organisational Economics Cntr. $10,000 (unknown) Roy Marden
Americans for Tax Reform Foundation $60,000 In 1995 PM gave them $175,000 Slavitt/Dunham
Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy $80,000 (Affiliate of Citizen for Tax Justice) Slavitt/Dunham
James Madison Institute $2,500 Slavitt/Dunham
Tax Foundation $125,000 Received $80,000 from PM in 1995 Slavitt/Dunham
Institute Cultural Ludwig von Mises $10,000 offshoot of Mont Pelerin Society. Roy Marden
Public Policy Institute of New York State $3,000 (Her husband was lobbyist in New York) Sharon Portnoy
Tax Foundation of Hawaii $10,000 Tracey Scott
Citizens Against Government Waste $50,000 Slavitt/Dunham
Commonwealth foundation for Public Policy Alternatives $1000 Slavitt/Dunham
Georgia Public Policy Foundation $10,000 Murray Bring
Washington Legal Foundation $275,000 Tort reform lobbying to block large liability payments. In 1995 the gave $250,000 Tom Borelli
The' American Spectator
American Spectator Foundation
$50,000 PM gave them $50,000 also in 1995 for tort reform lobbying. Money from Issues Management budget. Tom Borelli
Capitol Research Center $40,000 (tort reform lobbying) Roy Marden
Claremont Institute $25,000 Cash for comments economists - (also tort reform lobbying) PM gave them $25,000 per yearRoy Marden
Consumer Alert $10,000 (tort reform lobbying) Roy Marden
Frontiers of Freedom $100,000 (tort reform lobbying) Roy Marden
Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy $20,000 (part of Atlas Network tort reform lobbying) Roy Marden
Independence Institute $25,000 (Colorado) run by Tom Tancredo for Coors - Helped on 'Regulatory Isssues' (Pam Inmann of Arizona recommended) Slavitt/Dunham
Independent Institute $10,000 (California, funded in 1995 to take over Cash-for-Comments Economists Network - Regulatory Issues) Slavitt/Dunham
Policy Research and Education Project $25,000 PM gave them $25,000 in 1995 also.Tom Borelli
Business Roundtable $75,000 (worked on NAFTA project for decades) PM gave them $75,000 in 1995Roy Marden
'Center for the Study of American Business $35,000 Roy Marden
The Conference Board (TCB) $65,000 (has large library and European contacts) Roy Marden
Heritage Foundation $53,000 Roy Marden
Institute for Justice $20,000 Roy Marden
National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) $130,000 (globally the term is also used generically to mean tobacco manufacturers.) Roy Marden
National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) $50,000 (Dallas -Koch Brothers) Roy Marden
US Chamber of Commerce $50,000 Roy Marden
New York Society for International Affairs (NSYS and NYSIA) $150,000 (fake 'membershipless' front-group) Andrew Whist
Progress and Freedom Foundation $50,000 (Became Newt Gingrich's GOPAC run by Jeffrey A Eisenach) Ellis Woodward
Annapolis Center $25,000 (aka Institute .."for Science-based Public Policy") Founded/funded by Richard Seibert, VP of National Association of Manufacturers; PM gave them $25,000 each year.Tom Borelli
Education Research Institute $60,000 (quarterly payments of $20K) PM gave them $60,000 in 1995 Tom Borelli
Americans for Affordable Electricity $50,000 Juanita Duggan
Center for National Policy $50,000 Democratic think tank in Washington (did focus group studies) Juanita Duggan
Foundation for Older Americans $25,000 Juanita Duggan
Independent Women's Forum $15,000 Juanita Duggan
Institute for Youth Development $200,000 Juanita Duggan
International Management & Development Institute $12,000 Juanita Duggan
Lincoln Heritage Institute $1000 Juanita Duggan
The Renaissance Foundation $20,000 (top level general business meeting group) Juanita Duggan
The Rutherford Institute $10,000 Juanita Duggan
The Seniors Coalition $15,000 Juanita Duggan
Citizens Outreach $5,000 (California) Tracey Scott
Cascade Policy Institute $5,000 Run for Tracey Scott in California Slavitt/Dunham
Hungarian-American Chamber of Commerce of NY and NJ Inc. $175,000 ( used to fund NY Governor Pataki's junkets to Hungary) Andrew Whist
Spain-US Chamber of Commerce Inc. $10,000 (Used to run political junkets to Spain) Andrew Whist
US-Spain Council $10,000 ( Used to run political junkets to Spain) Andrew Whist
The American-European Community Association USA Inc $300,000 (fake international association. Run in USA by Philip Morris; in Europe by tobacco IEA/smokers group FOREST and Mont Pelerin Society Andrew Whist
See original list [2]. Corporate structure details [3] [4]
Major changes since the 1995 lists

Many think-tanks have disappeared for unknown reason. Some have merged; some payments have been subdivided, some have probably been passed over to the other tobacco companies. At about 1996 the three main companies decided to share 1/3 of the costs of this kind of funding each. So some disappeared from PM's list.