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Editors' Pick

Government Watchdogs Urge Support of Bills to Prevent Firing of Special Counsel Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller
Image: Kit Fox/Medill - CC BY 2.0
The Center for Media and Democracy signed onto a letter yesterday with 22 other government watchdog groups and ethics experts calling on senators to support two bipartisan bills designed to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller from being fired by President Trump.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller in May to serve as special counsel for the U.S. Department of Justice to oversee the investigation into any Russian interference in the 2016 elections, including possible collusion with Trump's campaign.

The letter notes that Trump has already "interfered with this investigation and the administration of justice" on multiple occasions, including firing FBI Director James Comey, asking top intelligence officials to intervene, and exploring whether he can pardon himself and his children. Read the rest of this item here.