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Earlier unregistered contributor rightly deleted reference to Schenider being a CNN commentator. There are two William Schneider - one the AEI afilliated CNN commentator and William Schneider Jr affiliated with Hudson.

Since the page had been drawn to my attention I rationalised the extensive duplication of material. Before the remaining bit below I'd like to find the primary source so parking it here for the moment -- --Bob Burton 21:10, 17 Aug 2004 (EDT)

-- "While giving a speech to the Senate in February of 2000, as part of the "Rumsfeld Commission" referring to N. Korea, Iran and Iraq, he said, 'However, they would be able to inflict major destruction on the US within about five years of a decision to acquire such a capability (10 years in the case of Iraq)'.

"This of course is contrary to information given to the American people by the Bush Jr. (George Walker Bush) Administration prior to war with Iraq. He continued saying that the U.S. could be caught off-guard by missiles being placed in other countries without our knowledge, as happened in '1988 when it (China) delivered and installed its nuclear-capable CSS-2 missiles to Saudi Arabia'. He continues saying that underground development in N. Korea and Iran may prevent a pre-emptive strike.

From Keys to Liberty, updated July 22, 2003.