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   Why do so few people see the pathways of violence, theocracy & prevention?  
   The basic notion that war is heroic & proof of manliness goes very deep into the stories we feed children.  
   Bible stories.  Quoran study.  
   Gita violence & Buddhist violence all begin with 
   uncritical repetition into the minds of the very young.
   So, some number of young talented middle class males will choose mercenary religiosity.  
   Some feel the call to kill for their alleged deities.  
   Prevention resides in ending the taboo against criticizing religious concepts.  
   If we do not teach violence & irrational alleged deities as a source for "morals" then ethical character building can be 
   less ambiguous.  
   As long as we have cultures that promote alleged baby gods as a source of goodness along with giving toy guns on "his" birthday - 
   then the mixture remains potent & virile.
   Mohammed is a violent character.  The alleged jesus is a fictional violent character.  "I come not to bring peace, but a sword," 
   reads the passage of the alleged jesus.  
   The alleged moses is a violent fictional character.
   We need to teach critical thinking, analytical thinking to the earliest of ages, promoting observational & solution oriented play.
   Theocracy is Treason. 
   As long as we pray to the flag instead of teach the sentence by sentence Constitution, people will kill for allged gods.  
   Citizenship is civil.  
   Violence betrays civility. 
   Life is not something to kill for but to live for.