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Relocating material to talk page -- the page is for a profile on the FDA. Whilete case such a page should include case studies the material cut and pasted to the page makes no mention of the FDA and at best should be a reference in an article as we avoid simply duplicating material already available on the web (with minor exceptions).--Bob Burton 15:48, 28 Nov 2004 (EST)

'Bold text'Bold textEffects of Mercury Administered during Pregnancy A reader named "Donna" contacted Midwifery Today E-News with an informal study she conducted of mothers who were "injected" with mercury while pregnant. She started with her own story:

I had RhoGAM when I was six months pregnant. My son has progressive microcephaly, CP, lennox gastaut (severe seizures), is nonverbal and profoundly mentally retarded. I had his six-month-old baby hair tested for mercury; the results showed 13.78 mcg. The only exposure to mercury was from my RhoGAM and his vaccines. A new study of amount of heavy metals in vaccines showed one that contained nine times more aluminum. There is no telling how much mercury was in the RhoGAM injections I had. The older RhoGAM contained 35 mcg of mercury. We are told to limit "ingesting" mercury to 0.1 mcg. What should the number be for "injecting" it?

Janet: RhoGAM during pregnancy; her child is 21 and has ADD and a learning disability. She had RhoGAM during one of her other pregnancies but doesn't know which one; one child has ADD and the other child has Down syndrome. Kris O.: RhoGAM during pregnancy; has a child with deafness, autism, developmental delays, mild CP. Norma W.: Had RhoGAM during pregnancy; has a disabled child [type unknown]. Colleen F.: Flu shot during pregnancy; son has CP and bipolar disorder. Gracie M.: RhoGAM during pregnancy; did not vaccinate son. Boy developed severe eczema at four months old, has lots of allergies, a yeast overgrowth and a depressed immune system. Kathy G.: RhoGAM during pregnancy; has a four-year-old daughter with angelman syndrome. Barbara W.: RhoGAM during pregnancy; has 10-year-old child with angelman syndrome. Kathy: RhoGAM injection with all three kids; all three have angelman syndrome. Ilana S.: Sister had flu vaccine during pregnancy; she has a daughter with Retts. Her hair was tested for mercury; results were 14.8. She also has a friend who had a RhoGAM injection during pregnancy and lost the child a month later. Julia A.: Flu vaccine during pregnancy; daughter diagnosed with petiventricular leukomalacia (a type of brain damage). Lauree L.: RhoGAM during pregnancy; child is developmentally delayed, in a special-education class with one-on-one aide. Lennox Gastaut syndrome. Anon: Four children; had a RhoGAM injection both during and after pregnancy. My oldest son is now 16; he is a very well behaved child and does well in school. However, he has ADD and is on medication. My second child has some major psych/neuro issues; although his IQ is 129, his behavior is horrible and he is on major psych-neuro drugs and has been in and out of institutions and under the care of doctors for several years. My third child is normal. My fourth child has Rett syndrome confirmed at Baylor through the MECP DNA test last year. Prior to this, her doctors thought she had CP. She has seizures, she does not walk or talk, she is now 10-1/2 and functions at the three-month-old level. My first child is by one husband, my second a different husband and the third is my present husband's. So while they all have neuro issues, the gene pool is different. It makes you wonder if an exterior factor such as thimerosol accounts for these kinds of outcomes. Lisa T: I have had seven pregnancies; one was a miscarriage. 1981 at age 15 got RhoGAM shot during pregnancy; daughter was born with severe learning disabilities and ADD. RhoGAM after birth. 1985, RhoGAM shot after birth, son has ADHD and ODD, depression (bipolar?). 1988, miscarriage with RhoGAM given after. 1990, daughter with ADD and mild deafness, RhoGAM after birth. 1996, daughter with possible ADD, RhoGAM after birth. 1998, daughter with possible ADD, RhoGAM after birth. 2001, daughter with angelman syndrome, had flu shot in 2000 and got pregnant about one week later; had RhoGAM during pregnancy and after birth. Eve: RhoGAM during pregnancy, has 12-year-old girl with Quad CP. Jamie B.: RhoGAM during all of her pregnancies; first son has learning disabilities (severe CAPD and PDD nos); second, a daughter, is dyslexic; third, a son, has ADHD. At a DAN! conference 53.7% of the mothers present who had ASD children were Rh negative. Other studies show 37% of ASD children have Rh-neg. mothers, although the incidence of RH neg. is estimated at only 3% to 7% of the female population.

In the past, RH-neg. mothers were not given the RhoGAM shot until after the baby was born, but now RH neg. mothers often receive the shot between the 16th to 20th week. Most RH shots contain thimerosal.

— Donna