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  • Hello User: Can you cite the claim executives have contributed to Democrats as well? I do not doubt the claim. I would like it to be referenceable, if possible, in the article. This would lend legitimacy to the overall scope of the page. Thank you for your contribution. User:Spacegrit
  • Executives have also made contributions to Democratic candidates.
  • I deleted the casualty info because I think it is a little inappropriate to print the names up like that on their company profile. Stating that they have suffered casualties with a link is enough. Contractors are dying in the hundreds in Iraq, from many of the companies listed here. Are we going to list every name of every contractor killed on each of their company profiles? If someone wants to create a contractor casualty page, perhaps that could cover the issue of contractor casualties, but I think it is inappropriate to include these in company profiles as it was here. -User:Spacegrit