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The links between Iraq and OBL were bogus, and just meant to be a propaganda point to sell the war against Iraq. As such this article is just a rehash of propaganda and NOT an attempt to dissect this canard and finally drive a stake thru its heart. Waste of effort

  1. This is an article under construction. Analysis, hopefully, will follow the groundwork. A first consideration is locating active links before relying on/citing material.
  2. Both the intro and title of this article have been changed since it was begun, which is not reflected in the "History". This, as you point out, leaves a different impression than its original intent.
  3. SW visitors are encouraged to add constructive analysis to any article.
  4. re "beautiful english" ... this author cannot take ownership of such an incredible phrase. Artificial Intelligence 06:21, 18 Mar 2006 (EST)

beautiful english

>>persisted to insist<< Wow, beautiful english -- has the author of this ever heard of the word "pleonasm"?