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Photos of "group of greatest trouble-makers" posted by Operation Street Corner, including Pete and Pat Webster, Joe Ponder, Jack Peavy, Bob Wilkinson, Denny Baum, Ted Sampley, Mike Bradley, Boats, Scarlet Bradley, Dena, Amanda P. Doss, Larry Bailey, and Tom Burton.


Pedro O. Vega also posts on Free Republic forums using the names "Teófilo" and "Theo". Apparently ignorant of who Diana Irey was at the time, "Theo" Vega joined comments made following the July 10, 2006, Free Republic repost of Diana Irey's "Irey to Murtha: Have You No Decency, Sir?"

First, on July 11th, "Theo" wrote (post #103): "This never made it to the news locally in Cambria and surrounding areas, Ms. Irey is getting *Zero* coverture here. I have no idea how she looks like (I haven't been to her website yet) even less what she stands for. ... Better fix that. -Theo". Following few posts remarking on Irey's physical attributes, "Theo" commented July 12th (post #111): wrote] "OK! Now, if we could just see more of her in my neck of the woods... ;-)"

Connecting Dots