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The original incarnation of this article really read like it was written by an insider. Fascinating. --Neoconned 22:27, 28 Aug 2004 (EDT)

OK I've moved the original article text here. It sounds believable, but needs sourcing.

  • SOURCE FEITH AS DEPUTY DURING REAGAN ERA: Sven Kraemer is considered by many to be Douglas Feith's original mentor from the Reagan White House National Security team. Sven became director of Arms control for a while, and had Feith as an understudy.
  • SOURCE SVEN KRAEMER PRIVATE CONTRACTOR STATUS AND START DATE: Now Sven is working as a private contractor inside the Pentagon in Feith's policy shop -- and has been since August 2001.
  • SOURCE KRAEMER/PERLE FRIENDSHIPS, AND US MILITARY COLLEGES WORK: Sven and Richard Perle are old friends, and so is Sven with Wolfowitz. Sven has been working on a lot of Afghanistan and Iraq issues, but he's also been developing policy to change the U.S. military colleges.

--Neoconned 23:23, 28 Aug 2004 (EDT)