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Everybody seems to want to run as fast as they can from any affiliation, former or current, from DeLay and Abramoff .... wonder why that is? Just asking :-) Artificial Intelligence 15:19, 11 Jan 2006 (EST)

According to the Public Citizen report "The Other Drug War: Big Pharma’s 625 Washington Lobbyists," July 23, 2001:

  • Table 5: "Most Popular Drug Industry Lobbyists in 2000 and Their Revolving Door Connections"
Thomas Parry, former Chief of Staff and Chief Counnsel for Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)
Romano Romani, former Chief of Staff for Dennis DeConcini (D-Arizona)
  • Appendix B: Drug Industry Lobbyists 2000:
Scott Hatch -- Firm: Parry and Romani Associates, Inc. -- Clients: GlaxoWellcome Inc. and Pfizer Inc.

According to the Public Citizen (website) "Drug Industry & HMO Lobbyists with Revolving Door Connections, 2003,"

Scott Hatch -- Walker Martin & Hatch -- "Chief Floor Assistant, House Office of Majority Whip, 1995-1998."

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