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I have relocated to the talk page some material from the article page. The main reasons were: a) some related to SEPP or other organisations not the individual that the page is intended to be about; b)some was polemical and not appropriate in style for the article page;

-- bob

The first one listed is SEPP, and the second one listed appears regularly as receiver of cash from Koch Family Foundations and Scaife Foundations. Koch Industries is oil & gas; Scaife's money comes from an inherited fortune in Gulf Oil stocks. So Fred admits that SEPP is "Foundation-funded", but as usual Fred hides the industry sources of his income that dictate the words out of his mouth.

The "de SMOKEville" junk-science that Singer attached his name to was crowded by hired guns wearing lab coats to continue the decades-long disinformation campaign: Academic Advisory Board -- Dr. Nancy Bord, Hoover Institution; Michael Darby, John M. Olin Center for Policy; Michael Gough, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment; Thomas Gale Moore, Hoover Institution; S. Fred Singer, President Science and Environmental Policy Project; Robert D. Tollison, George Mason University, Richard Wagner, George Mason University. [1] I suppose these include the "seven out of ten doctors who prefer Chesterfields" from the ads of yesteryear.
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"On Feb 12, 2001, Singer wrote a letter to The Washington Post in which he denied receiving any oil company money in the previous 20 years when he had consulted for the oil industry.

According to ExxonMobil documents, the company gave a 1998 grant of $10,000 to Singer's institute, the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP). It gave another $65,000 to the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Fairfax, Virginia which promotes Singer's work.

In its web page, "Atlas invites other institutes to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the proximity of SEPP." ...

In 1998, ExxonMobil gave $135,000 to the Hoover Institution -- the same year Singer published an article in the institution's publication, The Hoover Digest. [2]

Competitive Enterprise Institute funded by Koch Family Foundations, where Thomas Gale Moore, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution sits on the board, [3] lists Singer as "expert" on their website. [4] Moore, if you remember a few paragraphs above, was part of the "science" advisors on the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution smokescreen report for the Tobacco Institute.

The National Center for Public Policy Research [5] lists the usual suspects to fool the public that climate change requires no behavior change:[6]

  • John Christy: Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Alabama at Huntsville.
  • Sallie L. Baliunas: Staff Astrophysicist with the Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
  • S. Fred Singer: The Director of the Science and Environmental Policy Project
  • Robert C. Balling: Director of the Office of Climatology at Arizona State University
  • Patrick Michaels: Associate Professor of Environmental Science at the University of Virginia
  • Kenneth E. Chilton: Director of the Center for the Study of American Business at Washington University in St. Louis.

I created the content. It was not my impression that DISINFOpedia was to serve as puff pieces for boosting the careers of scoundrals. 47,000 links in the TobaccoDocuments website link Singer to deep deception in covert Tobacco propaganda. The Alex de Tocqueville Institution paid him to support their deception and attacks on the EPA, blindsiding regulators with this block of impressive sounding credentials which can be traced through funding links to mass deceivers.

The SMOKEville smokescreen is useful to expose because of the current (April-May 2004) "microsoft-funded" Tocqueville confusion efforts issuing out of that organization. People need to see the seamy side of the people that Tocqueville works with to gain a full understanding that the latest propaganda comes from a multi-year consistent pattern of issuing paid-deception.

SEPP is SINGER. It is not some impartial organization that hired a corrupt scientist -- it is his vehicle for funneling cash from sordid sources. The man and the organization are ONE and the same.

His assembled group in creating the 1994 phoney "research" have prior and subsequent records on the internet of deception in the same consistant deceptive organizations.

Adults can handle the truth, and if you can't, don't come here any more. For some people, about some people, the truth is not pretty. All these crumbs have webpages exalting them, and DISINFOpedia is not a page to glorify the 'highlights' that give these bums their cache to operate.

You would do better to further research the pages yourself, follow every link listed, add more links that you find, then to go around censoring data which is (1) TRUE, (2) properly verified with external sources, and (3) damning to the individuals operating by stealth to subvert America.