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SW: Goldacre 'reference'

I was unable to see how Goldacre's piece was a 'reference'. Perhaps I missed a citation in the article? Problem is, there are two reference lists - one contains all the references to citations but there's also another list of 3 uncited 'references'. And then, Goldacre does not discuss the RS, so why was it there? Because he recycles the standard dismissal of Pusztai? I've changed the source, as it cited Goldacre's own blog (title Scary Potatoes) when the origin is the Guardian 'Scare story on GM potatoes translates cysts into cancers' [1] IMO the discussion there is better than on the blog controlled by Goldacre. Only one response to his article mentions the RS (Lion4). It's present on both sites. Finale 06:44, 15 April 2009 (EDT)