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Err, this page is kind of narrowly focused. Any problem with expanding it to include: *Zionist zealots who want to tear down the Dome of the Rock and "rebuild the Temple" in Jerusalem * Islamic zealots who want to unify the whole Muslim world in a new Islamic caliphate of their own design * The whole government of Iran * radical Islamists who are the targets of the War on terrorism * radical pseudo-Christians like The Fellowship who are engaged in War on Islam

? This article should have a narrower name if it's only going to be about the abortion debates.

I removed the entry for Vatican for two reasons:

  1. Vatican certainly does not run (a commercial page containing ads etc). This was a wrong information.
  2. Vatican is a country, not a "religious propagandist". Critics on the politics of the Roman Catholic Church should be placed in an article "Roman Catholic Church" which belongs to Religious groups. 07:30 1 Jan 2004 (EST)

Recommend that differentiation be made between what is frequently referred to as "the Vatican" and the "State of the Vatican City," as it is defined and discussed in the Wikipedia. They are not one and the same.

Additionally, I do not see that any claim was made that the Roman Catholic Church/"the Vatican" "runs"

Lastly, cannot we not agree that "the Vatican" can be considered a religious propagandist? ...

01/01/04 08:00 (EST) AI