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When the Watergate scandal reached a similar stage in October 1973, President Richard Nixon, ordered Attorney General Elliot Richardson to fire the intrepid special prosecutor Archibald Cox. Richardson resigned rather than carry out Nixon’s order; and so did his deputy William Ruckleshaus. So Nixon had to reach farther down into the Justice department where he found Robert Bork, who promptly dismissed Cox in the so-called Saturday Night Massacre.

Fitzgerald is at least as vulnerable as Cox was. Indeed, in recent days some of the fourth estate, Richard Cohen in the Washington Post and John Tierney in The New York Times, for example, seem to have accepted assignments to help lay the groundwork for Fitzgerald’s dismissal.

Will the White House decide to fire special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, and simply absorb the PR black eye, as Nixon did? There is absolutely nothing to prevent it. Can you imagine Attorney General Alberto Gonzales refusing on principle an order from President Bush?
-- [1]

  • Donna Cassata, "Legal Problems Dog Bush's Inner Circle," AP, October 21, 2005: "But one White House official, noting that Bush's senior staff is tired of the long hours and increasing pressure, has told colleagues it might be best if everyone closest to the president resign and clear the way for new blood and fresh perspectives."

Merry Fitzmas website, or, depending on your religion, could be a Happy Fiztanukkah page.

It happened ???!?!?!!??

I doubt it (me too) .. this is an old rumor from last August by Flocco, that the indictments were issued in Chicago, etc.

Keep an eye on AMERICAblog, The Raw Story, Josh Marshall (Talking Points), or Daily Kos will have the story first .. or even possibly Think Progress ... or even The Left Coaster or Atrios ... they are the first source for leaked info.


Raimondo is worth an occassional looksee-grain of salt

Justin Raimondo, "Faster, Faster". Anti War dot org blog, October 21, 2005

In which he attempts to tie Feith, Ledeen, Ghorbanifar, Chalabi, Duane 'Dewey" Clarridge, the Italian Intelligence agency, SISMI and the kitchen all into one indictable by Fitzgerald package.

He cites RawStory links whilst hurling insults at neocon dogs who have rolled over and barked for the Council Patrick:

"Raw story says that neocon belly-crawler John Hannah and David "Clean Break" Wurmser are, after all their tough-guy-neocon-warmonger posturing, nothing but a couple of sniveling little rats - snitches, who have decided to turn state's to save their own necks."

I caught this on the RSS feed, haven't spent the time checking but he offers links, links and more links, which i've only scraped:

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I'm still angry about 9 senators who voted pro-torture:

cheers --Hugh Manatee 16:06, 23 Oct 2005 (EDT)