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Edit notes

I have removed the Corsi material. Some of it was direct quotes from A bush media release so I have cited the rpimary source in the background section. Other sections I have added indented comments on.

"apparently extra-constitutional" is a strange expression and it is not clear why he is claiming that.
  • "The 'SPP Ministers' were not identified," Corsi wrote, adding "Moreover, the term 'Ministers' was an unusual reference to the U.S. government, especially when the founding fathers had taken such pains to rid the U.S. of all terminology that could be reminiscent of monarchical systems such as the British royalty against whom the Revolutionary War was aimed. Evidently, the reference was to Gutierrez, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, the three cabinet officers to whom the extensive SPP working groups organized in DOC are now reporting, as well as their cabinet level counterparts in Mexico and Canada." [1]
the terminology seems a rather peripheral issue to me and not really worth space on the page.
  • "The White House press release references no U.S. law or treaty under which the NACC was organized," Corsi wrote.
maybe this is why in the preceding text Corsi claims that it is "apparently extra-constitutional" but there are plenty of media releases that don't cite the legislation or treaty a program is operating under.--Bob Burton 20:04, 21 March 2008 (EDT)