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?? Hillary Clinton ??

Good point. I removed both Hillary and Bill. I don't think the term really applies to them. I'm not sure it really applies to Zbigniew Brzezinski, either. Also, I think the neo-conservative article could use some work. Right at the moment, I don't have time to work on it, but I think the characterization of Trotsky as a neo-con is a stretch. And what about someone like Pat Buchanan? I think he's a neo-con, but his position on the war with Iraq is different from the Bushie neo-cons. --Sheldon Rampton 20:26 30 Mar 2003 (EST)

Sheldon ... I am getting the feeling that I am preparing a master thesis or a dissertation for a review committee and have to know all the acceptable sources, phrases, and definitions in order to pass muster. Did I miss something here? FYI: Brzezinski is very much a "neo-con". Artificial Intelligence 03/29/03 21:07 (EST)

I hadn't noticed Bill. I did today notice this description of neo-cons: "Known as "neo-conservatives," this group is closely tied to an interlocking chain of Washington think tanks that are characterized by their promotion of US militarism and the expansionist policy of the Israeli right. Several of these individuals have made substantial fortunes in the private sector brokering US, Israeli and Turkish arms contracts."
-- but I just couldn't bring myself to post it to the article page [yet]
-- Maynard 21:45 30 Mar 2003 (EST)

Why isn't Dick Cheney present? -smai