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Al Franken's Falsely Claims about Civil Rights Act

Al Franken claimed that ALL the Democrats that voted against the Civil Rights Act were Dixiecrats and later switched parties. This is false. Most of the Democrats that voted against it remained Democrats. These are just a few Democratic Senators that never became a Republican: J. William Fulbright (mentor of President Bill Clinton), Albert Gore Sr. (father of Vice President Al Gore), John McClellan, John Sparkman, Joseph Lister Hill, Spessard Holland, George Smathers, Herman E. Talmadge, Richard Brevard Russell, John Stennis and James Eastland. In fact, the only senator that switched parties was Strom Thurman. The US House is very similar with only a minority of Democrats aginst the Civil Rights Act later switching parties. 06:46, 16 November 2007 (EST)~

SW: Sarin gas harmless?

In the "Articles and Commentary" section the following link and comment we find:

  1. "We Found This Spoon, Sir," The Poor Man, May 20, 2004. Boortz claims harmless Sarin could kill 60,000.

1) The link is broken. I did a bit of googling and found what might be a similar story:

I'll change the link if this looks like the same thing. But there's another problem: according to the story linked above, the sarin gas is not harmless. The missiles to deliver the sarin were indeed degraded beyond functionality through age, since they had been buried during the Iran-Iraq war. But the gas itself was "still chemically potent and therefore dangerous."

I don't want to make edits before there's some discussion on how to make them -- anyone else is welcome to make the edits as well, but I think this needs cleaning up for accuracy's sake.