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The article would more informative if it could also shed light on MEMRI's sources of funds. Is it funded by the Israeli government / intelligence orgs or just associated with them?

moving comment

The following editorial comment was placed on the article page by anonymous IP User: If there is information you feel the MEMRI article is missing, please add it, or if there is inaccurate information present in the article, please correct it. Editorializing about an article's bias does not provide useful information to readers. Diane Farsetta 12:58, 27 Dec 2005 (EST)

From User:
WARNING: This article is very biased.

re: wiesel

Describing Elie Wiesel as a 'professional' holocaust survivor is unnecessarily snarky and merely alerts the reader to the political bias of the page. Though such a warning would be a courtesy to the naive reader, I anyway removed the word 'professional' out of respect for Wiesel.

NB: this is not the only place that wiesel is referred to as a professional holocaust survivor -- plenty of other folks do the same, e.g., Finkeltsein, eisen, etc. Besides, what else does wiesel do but engage in his cult of remembrance? --PaulR 03:15, 15 Feb 2005 (EST)

I don't have a problem with criticizing Wiesel or anyone else, providing the critique is grounded in documented facts. However, this is an article about MEMRI, not about Wiesel, and in the context of this article, the word "professional" does convey an "unnecessarily snarky" tone. --Sheldon Rampton 11:15, 15 Feb 2005 (EST)

There are people in Israel who are even more likelier to know Arabic, namely, the nearly 20% of its population who are ethnic Arabs, hence the rationalization is superfluous.

Sure four former heads of Israeli intelligence are committed to the "2-state-solution", and so is Ariel Sharon. The version of the 2-State-Solution that they support is not the international consensus, but the Bantustan solution, that rids Israel of its so called "demographic problem" and lets it retain all the fertile lands in the West Bank, as well as its water resources (which is sold back to the Palestinians). Unless there's a single statement by any Israeli head of intelligence affirming the international consensus on UNSCR 242 and UNGAR 194, their support for a 2-state-solution is meaningless.

Since when did The Washington Times, The Weekly Standard, The Jerusalem Post, The National Review and the crazy Zionist FrontPageMagazine become part of the "mainstream"?

For a good analysis of the impartiality of the "influential foreign correspondent" Thomas Friedman, see Noam Chomsky's Pirates and Emperors, and The Fateful Triangle.

Removed a paragraph which would be more suitable for a MEMRI donations appeal than a Sourcewatch profile. Primarily, because there's no substance to the claims.

Removed comment

Praise for MEMRI, despite its provenance, is mostly politically motivated, but given its history of well documented inaccuracies and smears, it is rather odd to suggest that "criticism" of MEMRI is "almost always" politically motivated. The statement in itself carries the unmistakable whiff of political motivation. --Idrees 05:55, 7 November 2006 (EST)