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This article needs more references, but I removed the following passage as totally unreferenced. Diane Farsetta 10:55, 25 February 2008 (EST)

CIA links

Laura Jordan Dietrich is almost certainly now a top trainer for the CIA through the US State Department, although, as normal, it is impossible to confirm this. [1] Both Morse and her husband Paul had 'international/diplomatic State Department' (read 'CIA') connections, and Morse's partner Walter Surrey, listed State Dept. in his bio-notes. Laura Dietrich has recently been accused of proving information on Valarie Plame (CIA wife of Wilson) to John Bolton, the then Undersecretary of State, who then leaked it though Scooter Libby to the press. [Google will provide many links, but nothing is every certain in these matters.]

Anne Landman Feb. 28, 11:30 AM - I removed the following passage because the reference, while it is descriptive of USAID and contains a footnote mentioning Bolton, did not mention Laura Deitrich or confirm her position there:

was one of John Bolton's favorite "Bolton Girls" (Washington social "arm candy') in the executive branch of USAID [2].