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Is there a source for the quote? I had a brief look and couldn't find it. cheers --Bob Burton 19:49, 21 Jun 2004 (EDT)

We already know Clinton is the antithesis of George W. Bush. Clinton lied about sex. George W. Bush lied about almost everything except sex, including war, WMD, terrorism, his Vietnam nonservice. I like the bumper sticker, "Clinton lied, no-one died." It says everything about George W. Bush. If anyone on the political center in this country, or even anyone on the center right (ie the Democrats), had any guts, George W. Bush would have been impeached about a week after he was "sworn" into office. There is clearly absolutely no-one remaining alive on the center left of politics in the USA, let alone the real left, they have all allowed themselves to be smeared into silence by the Replubilcan noise machine.

The new bumper stickers should read:

"Get the Conselfatives out" "Let's have a return to majority rule" "Let's elect a president this time around"

Sadly the Democrats have no ability to be as nasty as they need to be to counter the filth and vitriol from the right. And Ralph Nader will win again for George W. Bush.