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Moved material on the PIPA study on the impact of Fox News war coverage on viewers beliefs to the Fox News page -- its more appropriate there than on a page to profile Rupert Murdoch the individual rather than one of his media outlets -- Bob

I reverted the unexplained deletion of sections on what various authors have made of Murdoch's politics. The following section was substituted. I have relocated it here for the moment -- I haven't seen Outfoxed but have a query -- is it primarily about Murdoch himself or Fox News? The par below decsribes it as being about Murdoch ----Bob Burton 18:15, 1 Oct 2004 (EDT)

Murdoch has been accused by many of using his media outlets to promote conservatism and has even been the subject of a <a href="">film documentary about his bias.</a> Fox News viewers are also more likely to have <a href="">misconceptions about the Iraq war.</a>

Relocating this from Cato page - some may fits in Murdoch person page, some elsewhere. --Bob Burton 19:15, 7 Mar 2005 (EST) Murdoch sat on the board of directors of Philip Morris, the tobacco giant recently inducted into INFACT's Hall of Shame "for exerting undue influence over public policy-making" with the help of 240 registered federal and state lobbyists -- spending as much as $2 million per month to lobby federal officials. Murdoch publications such as TV Guide reap enormous profits from cigarette ads. And Murdoch's Fox Broadcasting is cozy with Philip Morris subsidiary Miller Brewing Co., which recently boosted its advertising account with Fox to about $75 million per year for sports and primetime programs (Advertising Age, 6/16/97). ...