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On Feb 28, 2006, anonymous IP User: deleted most of the following passage from the article:

In July 2000, Bhagwati together with some other "free trader" economists (Alan Deardorff, Robert Stern, T.N. Srinivasan, Robert E. Baldwin, and Arvind Panagariya) set up Academic Consortium on International Trade or ACIT, to counter criticism of "sweatshops" on US campuses. The group doesn't present itself as "pro-sweatshop", but rather as "free trade" and "anti-anti-sweatshop". Remarkable aspect of most of these economists is that they haven't read the key books and articles by globalization critics like Naomi Klein. They also narrow the terms of the debate as positing it as one between "free trade" vs. "anti-free-trade", while these are not the issues raised by the sweatshop critics. ACIT is a clear "free trade" lobby group, and they have not been constituted to have a dialog or debate with the critics of sweatshops or globalization.

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