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Tobacco notes

  • 6th April 1984, P. Sheehy of BAT wrote to Harris saying "Thank you for your letter of 21st March.//I take note of what you say and confirm that we will review the level of our support for the IEA next year when our current commitment expires; 202206104
  • in 1986, BAT were donating £10k p.a. - their memo notes that this is the same amount as BP, ICI, Shell and Beecham; 201508536
  • 17th March 1992, Pat Sheehy wrote to Harris: "Dear Ralph, I was very disturbed to read in the press that Graham Mather will be leaving the Institute as he was quite right to try to bring the Institute's policies into the 1990's and I am sorry to see him go.//Having looked at the level of our subscriptions over the last five years it seems to me it is about time that market forces were brought to bear on the affairs of the Institute. I have therefore given instructions that any future donation will be reduced by 50 per cent. (202226235)
  • 17th May 1990: letter to Lord Vinson, Chairman of the Managing Trust at the IEA: "Thank you very much for your letter of 11th May inviting me to join the private dinner party being given for Dr Pohl in the presence of the Governor of the Bank of England on Monday, 2nd July (202213479)
  • 19th November 1990: letter to Graham Mather, then Director General: Thank you for inviting me to join you for the private dinner you are hosting on Tuesdau 19th February with Paddy Ashdown and Alan Beith (202212068)