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The Institute for Legal Reform is an affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce focused on advancing business-friendly legal reforms, such as making class-action lawsuits more difficult to file.[1]

Political Influence


ILR spends tens of millions on lobbying each year, amounting to over $300 million since 2002.[2] Its issues in 2014 include taxes, torts, health care, and Medicare/Medicaid.[3]

ILR lobbying spending

ILR's registered lobbyists are its executive staff: Harold Kim, Nathan Morris, Lisa Rickard, Christina Schaengold, and Matt Webb.[4] In 2012, lobbying was ILR's largest single budget item aside from contributions to other organizations.[5]


As of September 2014:[6]

  • Lisa Rickard, President and Director. Total compensation in 2012: $1,734,764.[5]
  • Harold Kim, Executive Vice President. Total compensation in 2012: $403,489.[5]
  • James Barnett, Vice President, Political Affairs
  • M. Scévole de Cazotte, Vice President, International Initiatives
  • Page C. Faulk, Vice President, Legal Reform Initiatives. Total compensation in 2012: $225,830.[5]
  • Nathan Morris, Director, Legislative Affairs
  • Rita Perlman, Vice President, Operations and Contracts. Total compensation in 2012: $276,723.[5]
  • Bryan Quigley, Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications. Total compensation in 2012: $359,069.[5]
  • Christina L. Schaengold, Manager, Legislative Affairs
  • Oriana Senatore, Vice President, Policy and Research. Total compensation in 2012: $167,746.[5]
  • Matt Webb, Senior Vice President, Legal Reform Policy. Total compensation in 2012: $287,265.[5]
  • Andrew Wynne, Director, State Legislative Affairs


ILR files separate tax documents from Chamber of Commerce:

Core Financials


  • Total Revenue: $43,854,035
  • Total Expenses: $45,191,289
    • Lobbying: $10,516,434
    • Officer/Key Employee Compensation: $2,340,373
  • Net Assets: $31,526,293

Grants and Contributions



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