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Sentence Needs Explanation

I think this sentence needs finishing with an explanation why - "Over time the expert will moderate this position or limit its applicability."

Criteris for Inclusion

I'm wondering about the listing of Christopher John Dodd. If a name is going to be listed here, then there should be evidence of their qualification as industry-friendly expert. That would seem to be a minimum fundamental criteria for inclusion in that, and other, lists.
--Maynard 17:18 17 Nov 2003 (EST)

-- I agree with your concern M -- I suspect the basis of being included in the 'industry friendly' category was membership of CFR. [snippage] and even if he is a member I suspect its setting the bar too low for inclusion in that category (it would fit in a cetgory of 'politician' but then listing every politician in the world who's supportive of business in some form is getting a bit away from the prime purpose of SourceWatch I would have thought -- which is why my initial response was deletion -- Bob


Personally, in spite of my progressive, liberal, radical, conservative, conspiratorial, and other independent leanings, I'm not persuaded that todays CFR is the evil entity of its past; nor that all members thereof are "industry friendly experts".

There's plenty of room yet to consider whether Golden Leashes should have a topic/list separate from "industry funded experts"; which discussion should probably move to its appropriate talk page. --Maynard

Query on Allen

Has anybody heard of Helen Haynes Allen? She claims to have a Ph.D in Sociology from Columbia in and a M.S. in Developing Area Studies from Hull University in England. However, when I reviewed the websites for these universities, the Ph.D program at Columbia required a Master's Degree in Psychology and there wasn't even a program in Developing Area Studies. Her cohort is William Miller, who is now the de-factor Manager of the Lake & Peninsula Business Development Center (a front group for Northern Dynasty and other mining companies in the Lake & Peninsula Borough area of Alaska).

Relocating Empty Name Links

I have removed all the empty name links that have been on the article page for a couple of reasons:

  • it is confusing for readers who arenlt sure what the read link means
  • most have been there for a long time;
  • in the absence of some information, there is no basis for judging whether they should be included in the list or not.

So I have reposted them below. --Bob Burton 19:38, 5 August 2007 (EDT)