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under anti-communism: Supporters have argued that the cost imposed on Moscow by such efforts was huge, leading to the beginning of the end for the imperial Soviet empire.[citation needed] Whatever the truth, it was the first prominent example of the Heritage Foundation's ability to fundamentally alter the course of American policy.

Previous info on Talk page: These folks don't get around much:[1]

"Overall, the typical American defined as poor by the government has a car, air conditioning, a refrigerator, a stove, a clothes washer and dryer, and a microwave. He has two color televisions, cable or satellite TV reception, a VCR or DVD player, and a stereo. He is able to obtain medical care. His home is in good repair and is not overcrowded."


Query re deletion -- thanks for tidying up some of the content of the article --but I'm uncertain why the original reference in the first line to the Heritage Foundation being founded "by Paul M. Weyrich and Edwin J. Feulner" was deleted. Was it intended to relocate this elsewhere within the story and got forgotten? Or considered to be wrong? -- thanks -- bob


I'm certain it's right - I did quite a lot of searching around to make sure - unfortunately I'm not sure what the references were, but they should be pretty easy to identify --Gangle 03:44, 9 Apr 2004 (EDT)

I assumed as much but not sure why the other contributor deleted -- will restore if its not changed back tomorrow. By the way Gangle - the Copenhagen Consensus Disinfo page cames up first on a Google search today! -- cheers bob