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would someone please edit the headers in 3.1 so the urls do not show up in the toc please?

--Hugh Manatee 08:00, 31 Dec 2004 (EST)

Hi, it is just an issue of removing any link that appears in the subtitle. I changed 3.1.1 so that this would be removed. You have to do the same for the rest. PaulR

thanks, I thought there was maybe a way around it that i hadn't tried. wikistyle is still new to me, and php board posting style is almost new enough that i still mix them up. If it was html with inline style enabled, i'd have no problem.

did you notice i tried some inline style statements on table-code in the sandbox? as far as i can tell, it all gets inserted into the final code. I left it, but i didn't want to give any ideas to crazies, so it is pretty tame.

thanks, i'll figure something to do with the links, other than just drop them.

If you are more comfortable with embeded html -- it seems to me that it will work pretty well... (i don't know what the creators of wikis think of this)...

Kind rgds PaulR 09:40, 31 Dec 2004 (EST)

i don't know how comfortable i'd be with anybody being fully able to throw hmtl into the content of a completely pubic wiki, that at its most minimalist implematation, the content's framework is intended as a lasting reference, either. The site becomes susceptible prey to the lamest of script kiddies. How about a script that consists of a non-breaking loop which creates clones of itself on new pages? Almost a trivial vbs or js coding hack if the server blindly accepts anonymously sourced external scripting.

another reason to avoid the use of much individually styled embedded html code is that the article style will begin to drift, and at some point evolve into a format that the unhip to web coding will find to be incomprehensible, and they will be unwilling or unable to participate. sort of destroys the whole purpose of a wiki if it is only functional for geekelitists, and i've got an active slashdot account whenever i feel the need to deal with them...

In fact, i am planning to soon remove the css table example from the sandbox. i just wanted some of the regulars here to see it as potential, and then they can decide if it belongs on that inexcusably dificult to find page of example wiki code, but first, i want to post some varied styled border examples for a couple of days.

cheers -- and peace maybe? hopefully?
later - --Hugh Manatee 23:29, 31 Dec 2004 (EST)