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Mowrer's removal from Germany by Hitler

Mowrer wrote a number of other books and, naturally, became deeply invloved in post WWII analysis of the Cold War.

The most unfortunate aspect of his stay in Germany- 1918 -1933, was that Hitler's removal of Mowrer, as first act after receiving the Chancellorship, meant that the world lacked Mowrer's clarity and report of the crucial events of January-April 1933 in Germany. Hitler achieved this removal by threatening the entire foreign press corps with controls unless their leader Mowrer was expelled. Mowrer therefore chose to go, in order to prevent these distraints. He was therefore busy writing his Pulitzer Prize-winner warning in these vital months following, and it came out by April.

It appears , from a close view through hindsight, that everything was, as they say , done and dusted by the books appearance. The end was 23 march 1933, with the Enabling Act, which empowered the Fuhrerdom of Hitler( the central plank of Nazism).

See also relevant passage at dicussion Adolf Hitler concerning one of the principal factors in the passage of that equivalent to the Patriot Act, from Mowrer's Memoirs of 1967. The article imported was composed by me as an experiment in transiteration, to allow for greater online prtesence of an important but copyrighted text. Indeed it is irony that DRM and copyright should imperill our world, by allowing for the rubbish rather to clog the pedias of this day...EffK 18:21, 6 Aug 2006 (EDT)