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How come Quiggin is quoted and so many links are provided to his writings?

He is actually one of the few people who has written in detail on the CC process and outcomes. By all means add more links if they are of substance.

Who is this character anyways? --Bob Burton 23:41, 28 Feb 2005 (EST)

Almost seems the authors of the article themselves are somewhat critical of Lomborg.I improved the first paragraph a bit to make it more factual. Hope it stays for a while.



We have decided that this exercise is important enough - and could eventually be misleading enough - to warrant independent coverage and discussions in The Commons Sustainability Agenda at You are welcome to check it out and join in with your critical comments and observations in the Discussion Forum which you will find on the site

We would also like to see if there might be any interest here for us to organize an "Always On" Poster Session to cover some of the goings on in Copenhagen. Let us know via if you might be interested in taking part in such an open exchange (you will need a broadband connection and a good quality web cam… details on how this works can be had from our colleagues from SUNET - (Swedish University Computer Network) at

Eric Britton,

It speaks to the lack of credibility of this "consensus" that deforestation, over-fishing and depletion of nature's services don't even show up on their list of priorities. Clearly no actual ecologist who has studied global problems seriously was even consulted. This is a pure PR front.