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The issue of assassinating Arafat was first publicly raised in the Jerusalem Post editorial, at least, that's how it was reported by many sources. If any Israeli Cabinet figure had mused out loud about the Cabinet considering it, before that editorial, then the test balloon is just a conspiracy theory. But if it was the first place the idea came up... it remains quite credible.

It's probably not fair to say that the National Post (Canada) under Black was just a vehicle to attack the Liberal Party of Canada, although he admitted starting it for that reason, and it was certainly often used that way. It had a wide range of columnists both left and right, often in contrasting pairs. It became a much less fun and less interesting paper under CanWest / Israel Asper.

Three problems with this article as it stands: 1) It states "Hollinger also owns the Jerusalem Post, whose editorial policy is directly influenced by Black". How do we know this? 2)"In September 2003 that newspaper advocated killing Yasser Arafat". Source? Date? 3) In the absence of evidence that Black himself had any role in that particular editorial I'm deleting the speculation re test ballon. SourceWatch's role is to provide sourced credible information not speculation.

-- Went back through and rewrote, put citations to match claims and deleted the speculative "He launched the National Post (Canada) largely as a means of criticizing it on a regular basis". There is no source for the latter in any of the original references. Is there a reference for the point re lack of restrictions on foriegn ownership in Israel -- bob

Black has had to resign from Hollinger due to some financial irregularities. There is talk of Hollinger having to sell some of its newspapers. Hollinger owns the Daily Telegraph in the UK (most right wing of the broadsheets). He is "Lord Black of Crossharbour", a conservative member of the House of Lords. (ref [1]). His wife Barbara Amiel is very pro-Israel, if that is relevant. Secretlondon 11:31 23 Dec 2003 (EST)

I think this article needs a thorough re-write. Not only is it out of date, it overplays the Israel stuff. I would have thought that his links with the likes of Kissinger may be more interesting, and whether he "bought" his peerage. Secretlondon 11:36 23 Dec 2003 (EST)

By all means, give it a rewrite.--Laura Miller 16:36 23 Dec 2003 (EST)

Anonymous user offers on 4 Feb'04 the following without citation, moved from article to here:

On the Steering Committee of the Bilderberger Group from 1990 to 1998; an attendee at Bilderberger Meetings also in 2001, 2002, and 2003.
I don't know if every detail of this is true, but Black's involvement with the Bilderberger Group has been reported in a number of places. See, for example, this PBS report:
--Sheldon Rampton 23:03 4 Feb 2004 (EST)

SW: Jerusalem Post Sold

The section on Hollinger owning the Jerusalem Post is no longer valid. JP was sold in 2004 to Mirkaei, Tikshoret, an Israeli media company run by Eli Azur. Wikipedia The new editor is David Horovitz. Their editorial policies don't seem radically right wing though there are exceptions.