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OK, I was really looking forward to campaigning for Howard Dean as the Democratic Party nominee against George W. Bush, but it looks like I'll be sadly disappointed. The Establishment media bashed Dean just the same as they bashed Barry Goldwater back in 1964--and with the same total disregard for the truth. In fact, the last time I actively campaigned for a presidential candidate was 1964--although I've probably voted straight Democratic Party presidential candidates since 1972 (as the proverbial "lesser of two evils")...The Libertarian Party's "world's shortest political quiz" casts me solidly as a "left-libertarian" (a.k.a. "libertarian socialist" or "anarchist"). The Republican Party classifies me as "Un-American traitor" and "communist"... The most recent survey poll that I took says that the candidate whose platform most closely matches my own beliefs is Dennis Kucinich. Yet I'm proud of my Goldwater past, and enjoy pointing out to my Republican friend (just one) that Goldwater in his twilight years was a strong defender of gay rights--as opposed to the "Christian Right". But what I remember most from 1964 was the New York Times' rabidly ani-Goldwater bias as compared, say, to Long Island's Newsday (then--as now--still a better paper than the vastly-overrated NYT). Back then I had a scrapbook (which I wish I'd kept as a memento of the mid-Sixties) where I'd save copies of various newspapers' coverage of the same event or cmpaign speech--and certainly proved (at least to my own satisfaction) how biased & slanted the NYT's allegedly fair news coverage was. So things still haven't changed much--the corporate mass media (such as the NYT) still defend their own--and trash any potential critics of the status quo, be it Goldwater or be it Dean...