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I'm moving the original article content here, as it was entirely based on a single Indymedia posting by "Clayton Hallmark". In fact, there appear to be no other sources to backup Hallmark's claim that AWS is part of the CIA's covert airline. Try these Google searches:

They only pull up blog postings, and lots of Hallmark's postings (despite being structured to exclude his postings!). Similarly, I've searched Lexis-Nexis and found no articles. In short, we appear to have only Hallmark's word (whoever he is) that AWS is involved with the CIA.

Furthermore, if you read the Milwaukee indymedia article carefully, not even Hallmark claimed that AWS was implicated in extraordinary rendition. He merely claimed that they operated CIA planes.

I think this does illustrate the danger of using an unreferenced indymedia posting as a citation. I'm going to go through the other postings that are single-sourced to Hallmark's stuff, and move them to their talk pages for the time being, until someone has time to source them from more reliable sources. --Neoconned 08:21, 4 Jun 2006 (EDT)

Original article content

Aviation Worldwide Services LLC (AWS) is a sister company to Presidential Airways, Inc., both of which are owned by Blackwater USA, Melbourne, FL. [1] AWS is alleged to have been involved in extraordinary rendition.

  • N955BW - Fairchild SA227-DC - s/n DC821B (C26B)
  • N956BW - Fairchild SA227-DC - s/n DC864B
  • N961BW - CASA C-212-CC - s/n 248
  • N963BW - CASA C-212-CC - s/n 320

  • N965BW - CASA C-212-DF - s/n 393
  • N966BW - CASA C-212-200 - s/n 289
  • N967BW - CASA C-212-CD - s/n 304
  • N968BW - CASA C-212-CD - s/n 309

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